"Gary was our go-to developer for anything tricky. He has a passion for solving complex questions with usable solutions. Gary is always looking for that better/faster/prettier way to accomplish the desired result. His creative and fun personality, paired with his incredible technical abilities, make him a vital asset to any team. "

I highly recommend Gary.
Jordan Brown
Production Designer at Redfin
Jordan worked directly with Gary at Sesame Communications as a project manager.
As Gary's manager, I can describe him as conscientious, innovative, knowledgeable with a solid work ethic. He is a seasoned web developer with advanced skills in html5, php, jQuery, php frameworks, CMS, and Adobe Creative Suite.

I would highly recommend Gary. He would be a great asset to any organization.
Jon Kauffman
Project Manager at Plexipixel
Jon worked directly with Gary at Sesame Communications as his manager
Gary has a passion for web development spending many years of self-study to improve his programming skills. One of his most impressive projects is working extensively on the framework of Sesame Communications's customers' websites to cut down production time.

He speaks his mind at meetings with other teams with solutions to remove roadblocks for all parties.

Matt Jennings
Production Artist at Sesame Communications
Matt worked directly with Gary at Sesame Communications
Gary is one of my all-time favorite web developers. His work is clean and beautiful. He is able to tackle crazy requests that we've never done before (mobile features, responsive template designs, in-house CMS, automated features, etc) and he keeps a pleasant demeanor and clear communication with the rest of the team.

I highly recommend Gary for front end development, and hope to work with him again someday!
Brittany Hunt
Project Manager at Dynamo Plus
Brittany worked directly with Gary at Sesame Communications
It was a pleasure working with Gary. He is conscientious, has a solid work ethic and a can do attitude.
Geo Purdie
Owner at Purdie Rogers Advertising
I have worked with Gary for a couple of years at Sesame Communications. Gary was often the one that created the sites that I was managing.

I could always count on him for solid builds and the willingness to try new things. He has been an important asset in helping us streamline processes and efficiencies of the web team. Gary is great to work with and a valuable asset to any team.
Renee Lico
Web Development Producer at Sesame Communications
Renee worked directly with Gary at Sesame Communications
Gary is a capable and creative web developer who is always available to help other team members.
Gary goes above and beyond to find new development solutions and would be an asset to any development company.
Judy Johnson
Web Developer at Sesame Communications
Judy worked directly with Gary at Sesame Communications
Gary was great from the minute I called him!
Teri Krantz
Owner at Tera Vintage
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